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Wine is so much more than just an enjoyable drink after a hard day in the office; the stories, intricacies and experiences associated with wine across the world mark it out as a very special product indeed.

Drinking wine is an experience, to drink for the purposes of becoming merry is not what drinking wine is all about. Wine is food. Just like the delight which comes from eating your most favorite food, wine, as food can provide similar enchantment. Unfortunately drinking wine has somehow also entered into the realm of snobbery.

Our aim is to try and explain about wine in a way that is understandable, so here is our attempt at a quick guide to the world of wine.

Wine bottles
The World of Wine
Our guide to the world's major wine regions isn't intended to be exhaustive, but should give a useful bit of background to the wines and regions.

Wine Barrels
What is Wine
We have all enjoyed wine from time to time, but what exactly is wine and what makes it so special?

Grape Vines
How Wine is Made
The important aspects of how wine is made are of course those that have the most significant impact on the finished wine.

Wine Corks
Wine Glossary
Dont let wine terminology put you off enjoying wines, use this simple glossary.

Wine racks
Storing and Serving Wine
Some basic guidelines are useful for everyone, particularly when it comes to the sometimes tricky issue of matching wines to food. We've put together what we hope is a useful guide to Storing And Serving Wine.

Wine Tasting
Tasting wine
It's impossible not to taste or smell wine when you drink it. But if you want to have a more critical appreciation of your wine, you will need to look out for a few different things.


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